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Missing Lions

An old artists drawing of the Mausoleum without the Lions… I wonder why?

DID YOU KNOW The whole practical details of the construction of Mausoleum was under the charge of Mr Paterson, Clerk of Works of the Palace. Design work was begun in 1840 by architect David Hamilton. This work was superseded by architect David Bryce between 1848 and 1852 and the building was finally completed in 1858The abstract of Account of Expenses for building the Mausoleum, Keepers House and the Gas Works at Smiddycroft does not separate the cost for the Keepers House from that of the Mausoleum.It was not until 1846 that the first stones were laid and construction commenced.The 10th Duke of Hamilton died at his London residence in Portland Square, the body was embalmed by Mr Pettigrew of London. The body was transported by mail train to Motherwell. The coffin was then placed in a hearse along with three carriages drawing by six black Flemish horses for the journey to the Palace. On Saturday, September 4th 1852, the internment took place in the Mausoleum. The Chapel, which at this time encumbered with a crane, gangways, and platforms, for the operations of the builders, was tastefully and ornament ally hung over with black cloth, giving it the appearance of some sepulchral marquee. The upper part of the sarcophagus weighs about 15 cwt, and was raised for the introduction of the body by means of a crane. The funeral was conducted by Wylie and Lochead of Glasgow undertakers and Mr Grant master of works Hamilton Palace. During the funeral the bells in Hamilton tolled a solemn peal and the shops were shut from one till four.