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Demolition Threat

Newspaper article dated March 1921
The feeling is growing in Hamilton that every effort should be made by the Town Council and the ratepayers of the burgh to induce the trustees on the Hamilton estate to reconsider their decision for the demolition of the Mausoleum.
Inquiring today at the Town House, Hamilton, it was officially explained that acting on instruction from the Provest, Magistrates and Town Council have already placed communication with the Duke’s trustees.
The letter from the Town Council we are informed, was accompanied by a petition numerously signed by representative citizens protesting against the proposed demolition and petitioning the trustees to consider the expediency of handing the mausoleum over to the people of Hamilton.
There is a feeling now that the Duke’s trustees, appreciating the volume of public opinion oppose to the disappearance of the structure, will be willing to enter into negotiations with the Town Council to ensure that the scheme of complete demolition not carried out as originally propounded.
The assurance is given today on that of the Town Council, that they will take competent steps open to them to assure the Ducal trustees of the anxiety which prevails in the community over the fate of the mausoleum.
The mausoleum which has great historical and sentimental interest for Hamilton, should be preserved.