Saving Hamilton Mausoleum and the Keepers House

This Trust has been formed to promote the need for urgent repairs to both the Mausoleum and the Keepers Lodge.

The Trust also aims to secure the future of these historic assets, ensuring their status as cultural icons.

Hamilton Mausoleum Trust

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The objects of the Trust shall be to promote and secure by charitable means but not otherwise the restoration and preservation of the historic buildings of the Hamilton Mausoleum and Lodge Keeper’s Lodge and it surrounding landscape which objects shall without prejudice to the foregoing generality include such of the following as in the sole discretion of the Trustees shall be considered desirable having regard to the financial and other resources available to the Trust:

1. To assist in the restoration, maintenance and the management of these buildings and there surrounding landscape of the the Mausoleum. The Trust is committed to assist in the maintenance and development of the immediate surrounding land and watercourses.

2. Securing so far as possible that the buildings restored through the joint effort by the Trust members working collective in bringing about the complete revitalisation of these Historical buildings and it surroundings.

3. Stimulating public interest both national and international in saving the Hamilton Mausoleum and its natural surroundings by means of promoting awareness through engaging the public through providing a number of Volunteer groups engaged in providing an extended educational programme to all age groups to develop and deliver a communication system, Web site etc Carryout public consultation provide exhibitions, lectures, competition, the publishing of information and pamphlets. To support research work, and by the provision of facilities for visitors in and/or near the Mausoleum.

4. The formation of or assistance to any public museum or public-owned collection of local or national documents, records, artefacts, paintings, photographs, or other antiques pertaining to the history of the Hamilton Mausoleum and Keeper’s Lodge and it historic importance within Scotland.

5. Assisting the charitable activities of Hamilton Mausoleum and Keeper’s Lodge in assisting to securing the restoration of the two buildings and promote the use of by local residents and visitors.

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Keepers Lodge Drone Survey


International Design Contest Launched !

Following the fantastic news that South Lanarkshire Council have committed £475k for urgent repairs to the Mausoleum, we are now looking at the future of the wider Mausoleum site including the Keepers Lodge.

Hamilton Mausoleum Trust and the Glasgow Institute of Architects invite design ideas to save the Hamilton Mausoleum and Keeper’s Lodge for the cultural benefit of future generations. This competition seeks ideas for the re-imagining of the Mausoleum & Keeper’s Lodge and connections to the Low Parks masterplan. The buildings have potential for use as events space, exhibition space, or an interpretation centre for local history but there are no limits on the potential use you can propose. Ideas are welcomed that consider the mausoleum, lodge and their setting holistically with an emphasis on benefits to the town of Hamilton and its local community.

The public will be invited to take part in the judging process along with a panel of experts and stakeholders.

For full details visit the GIA Website. Good luck and get those pencils sharpened..(!)

Hamilton Mausoleum