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Tourism Past

A few newspaper clipping about tourism and the Mausoleum at this time. Tourist views dated 1857, excursion by train dated 1858 and a more modern advert dated 1993 when they had daily tours

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The Keepers Story

The Keepers House at Hamilton Mausoleum, Palace Grounds. The House, keepers and importance of this building. The Palace grounds today have very little to show of its historic splendour of Hamilton Palace and gardens. But what it does have left today, the magnificent Mausoleum and the forgotten Keepers House. The Architect for the Keepers House […]

All Archives Hamilton Palace Keepers Lodge Landscape Mausoleum Written Archives

Ye old romours

A few newspaper snippets…nunnery at Palace, airport at Low Parks. What if these had happened.

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Missing Lions

An old artists drawing of the Mausoleum without the Lions… I wonder why? DID YOU KNOW The whole practical details of the construction of Mausoleum was under the charge of Mr Paterson, Clerk of Works of the Palace. Design work was begun in 1840 by architect David Hamilton. This work was superseded by architect David […]

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Demolition Threat

Newspaper article dated March 1921DEMOLITION OF HAMILTON MAUSOLEUMThe feeling is growing in Hamilton that every effort should be made by the Town Council and the ratepayers of the burgh to induce the trustees on the Hamilton estate to reconsider their decision for the demolition of the Mausoleum.Inquiring today at the Town House, Hamilton, it was […]

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Keepers Lodge

The Keepers House possibly mid 1980’s these photographs courtesy of Canmore, show what it was like then, slated roof and no vegetation that has now overtaken this fine building and today it is a sad sight.

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Contemporary Footage

Courtesy of you tube

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Sphere Magazine

Attached a lovely article from the Sphere newspaper magazine dated March 1921.

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Where was the palace

Motherwell historian John Aitken recreated a 3D projection of where he reckons the impressive landmark would have been situated. The image below is from the Daily Mail newspaper date 03.02.21. Click on the image to download the fill article.

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Dukes Funeral Report

Glasgow Heralds newspaper report of Alexander 10th Duke of Hamilton’s funeral Sept 1852. Click the below link to download the full article..