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  • Tourism Past
    A few newspaper clipping about tourism and the Mausoleum at this time. Tourist views dated 1857, excursion by train dated 1858 and a more modern […]
  • The Keepers Story
    The Keepers House at Hamilton Mausoleum, Palace Grounds. The House, keepers and importance of this building. The Palace grounds today have very little to show […]
  • Ye old romours
    A few newspaper snippets…nunnery at Palace, airport at Low Parks. What if these had happened.
  • Missing Lions
    An old artists drawing of the Mausoleum without the Lions… I wonder why? DID YOU KNOW The whole practical details of the construction of Mausoleum […]
  • Demolition Threat
    Newspaper article dated March 1921DEMOLITION OF HAMILTON MAUSOLEUMThe feeling is growing in Hamilton that every effort should be made by the Town Council and the […]
  • Keepers Lodge
    The Keepers House possibly mid 1980’s these photographs courtesy of Canmore, show what it was like then, slated roof and no vegetation that has now […]
  • Contemporary Footage
    Courtesy of you tube
  • Sphere Magazine
    Attached a lovely article from the Sphere newspaper magazine dated March 1921.
  • Where was the palace
    Motherwell historian John Aitken recreated a 3D projection of where he reckons the impressive landmark would have been situated. The image below is from the […]
  • Dukes Funeral Report
    Glasgow Heralds newspaper report of Alexander 10th Duke of Hamilton’s funeral Sept 1852. Click the below link to download the full article..
  • Ghostly Image of Duke
    Another interesting snippet Described as the earliest photo in existence found in Hamilton Palace took 121 years before the shutter closed …the Sun was the […]
  • Dukes Land Sold
    The Land that the Duke of Hamilton had and sold June 1922, the last information of the Dukes connection with the lands of Lanarkshire.
  • Historic Footage
    Courtesy of vimeo
  • Party Time
    This is an account regarding the biggest party ever at Hamilton Palace the arrival of the Marquis of Douglas and the Princess Marie of Baden […]
  • Naismiths Hamilton Directory
    Newspapers report September 6th 1852 This Naismiths Hamilton Directory 1878-79 over 200 pages. This gives a good account of Hamilton and the dominant people, their […]
  • Flower Garden
    Palace grounds Aug 1863 “our own park”…today not a flower to be seen.
  • Lions
    These magnificent Lions were the skilled work of Alexander Handyside Ritchie of Edinburgh. A single block of stone for each Lion was quarried at Barmichael […]
  • Sarcophagus
    Newspapers report September 6th 1852 In appearance, the sarcophagus has a somewhat rude approach to the outline of a human figure, with an exquisitely chiselled […]

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